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Warehouse logistics system for small scale pharmaceutical wholesalers

Small scale pharmaceutical wholesalers often struggle to find the right software configurations to comply with pharmaceutical regulations and rationalize IT complexity and cost. Most pharmaceutical software solutions are optimized for complex business flows, high transaction volume, multiple warehouses and ERP connections. These functionalities comes at a high cost in terms of license fees, extensive duration of system implementation and user training.

Our LOGISTA software is created for small scale pharmaceutical wholesalers with limited number of partners and transactions, simple business flows. LOGISTA comes with basic functionalities while ensuring full compliance to the current regulatory standards and OGYÉI requirements.

LOGISTA supports and integrates the work of the three parties involved in the handling of pharmaceuticals:

Sales Managers

Quality Assurance Responsible

Warehouse Operators

LOGISTA tracks and controls the status and location of medicines from the moment of product order, through warehouse operations and quality assurance until the medicines leave the warehouse.

Procurement order placement
Incoming shipment reception
Quality assurance process
Location allocation
Customer order recording
Delivery notice to the warehouse
Invoicing data support
Special workflows: discards, returns, suspensions, recalls
Inventory reports
Transaction data retrieval
Inspection data support